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SAITE S.R.L., was legally organized on 7 May 1987 as Limited Liability Company - represented by Mr. Dionicio Huayllani Marca, dedicated to the production, processing and marketing of organic agricultural products.



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SAITE S.R.L is a Bolivian company processing organic products, that implement technologies according to own needs and requirements.  At the same time, SAITE S.R.L  promotes cultivation of organic products throughout various agricultural production areas with the objective of offering quality products to the consumer and timely satisfying all  customers’ requirements.




Our vision is to maintain a leadership role as a company exporting Bolivian organic products by being an efficient and effective modern agribusiness that meets internationally recognized quality standards and safety.


Certificación ISO 9001 Certificación CERES Certificación IBD Certificación ORTHODOX UNIÓN Certificación ISO 22000

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Calle Esquillana No. 4014 Urbanización Cosmos 79 (Zona Collpani) El Alto, La Paz - Bolivia
Tel:591-2-2831779 / 591-2-2834893 Fax: 591-2-2832262 (Ext. 102)