After continuously work, for more than thirty-one years, SAITE S.R.L. has successfully introduced its main products in the international markets.
SAITE. S.R.L., was legally organized as a Limited Liability Company on May 7, 1987 - represented by Mr Dionicio Huayllani Marca- dedicated to the production, processing and marketing from organic farming products.

Nowadays, SAITE S.R.L. Works with 32 communities of 480 families producing Royal Quinoa, 6 settlements of 95 families producing Sesame and Chia, 6 associations of 200 families producing Amaranth, as well as with various economic farmers’ organizations, achieving thus total Bolivian domestic coverage, including community habitants from three Bolivia´s macro regions: the high plateau, the valleys and the tropical lowlands.

As a food processing company, SAITE S.R.L is certified with FSSC 22000, KOSHER, USDA/FDA (Food and Drug Administration), organic production under rule NOPUSDA,( EC) 834/2007 Y (EC) 889/2008 certification by CERES GmbH, and IBD/Brazil, these certifications guarantee the origin and organic quality from our products.


We, SAITE S.R.L., are a Bolivian company processing natural products based on the implementation of the highest quality and food safety standards. We promote the cultivation of organic agricultural products in different production areas for us to be able to timely attend the requirements of our national and international customers.


As a company exporting Bolivian organic products, we want to continue spearheading the agro-industrial sector by using cutting-edge technology and thus achieving the highest internationally recognized quality and food safety standards through the ongoing update of our Management system.
Policy of Food Safety

SAITE S.R.L considers food safety in all our operations of paramount importance, for us to offer products complying with the highest quality and food safety standards due to the ongoing implementation and update of our Food Safety Management System (SGIA) in order to comply, both at national and international level, with our customers’ requirements to their entire satisfaction.

1. Compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements regarding food safety, as well as with other food safety requirements endorsed by our company.
2. Ensuring the ongoing implementation and update of our Food Safety Management System FSSC 22000 as well as of additional Standard Requirements in all our industrial production plants.
3. Ensuring our products quality and food safety at national and international level through implementation of modern technology in our facilities under the leadership and commitment of our Higher Management.
4. Integration and loyalty promotion of our suppliers in order to improve the supply chain at all levels.
5. Capacity building of our staff, for them to develop the necessary skills  enabling us to achieve our objectives.

Version 6, November 2019
Social Responsibility
Environmental Policy