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Baner Los Andes

Los Andes

SAITE, limited liability Company, decided to enter the national market as part of its business vision. To this end, it launched in 2006 the brand called “Los Andes and since then these products are commercialized with unchanging export quality and across Bolivia.

Operating under an ISO 9001-2008 management system and being granted the Gestion de la Inocuidad Alimentaria ISO 22000, our products quality is 100% guaranteed. As a result, products enjoy a high level of consumer acceptance.



Amaranth Grain

Amaranth Flake

Amaranth Flour

Pito de Amaranto

Certificación ISO 9001Certificación ORTHODOX UNIÓN Certificación ISO 22000

Calle Esquillana No. 4014 Urbanización Cosmos 79 (Zona Collpani) El Alto, La Paz - Bolivia
Tel:591-2-2831779 / 591-2-2834893 Fax: 591-2-2832262 (Ext. 102)