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Currently, SAITE S.R.L. works with 32 communities of 480 families producing quinoa, 6 colonies of 95 families producing sesame and chia seeds, 6 associations of 200 families producing amaranth and various economic farmers’ organizations, achieving thus total domestic coverage including community inhabitants of the three macro-regions of Bolivia: the Altiplano high plateau, the valley and the tropical lowlands.


Furthermore, SAITE S.R.L. is permanent member of the Magna-Assembly of the Association of Bolivian Organic Producers’ Organizations – AOPEB for its acronym in Spanish, which is the umbrella organization integrating and representing more than 30.000 families of organic producers all over Bolivia and enjoys both private and public inter-institutional outreach on national and international level.

Social Responsibility

SAITE S.R.L is a company creating shared value not just for its shareholders but also for its workers and farmers by acting with responsibility and ensuring sustainability in accordance with the national legislation and international standards.


Environmental Policy

Our company is committed to minimizing the environmental impacts in all production stages through the efficient use of required inputs and materials, reduction of emissions and improvement of effluent quality. To this end, our operative personnel receive ongoing training in accordance with legal standards in force.

Integrated Policy

SAITE S.R.L, is a company processing and marketing organic and non-organic products on national and international markets, meeting all food safety and quality standards as well as legal requirements    

Our company develops and promotes an efficient communication and ongoing improvement in all its areas.


We retain our producer’s loyalty based on the organic production principles and ensure staff development through continuous capacity-building to achieve quality, food safety and high commitment

Certificación ISO 9001 Certificación CERES Certificación IBD Certificación ORTHODOX UNIÓN Certificación ISO 22000

Calle Esquillana No. 4014 Urbanización Cosmos 79 (Zona Collpani) El Alto, La Paz - Bolivia
Tel:591-2-2831779 / 591-2-2834893 Fax: 591-2-2832262 (Ext. 102)